101 Fail-safe Interview Cracking Questions!

“Well prepared is half done.” –
  Aristotle, Greek philosopher

This is true for job interviews too! When you prepare well for a job interview, it shows up in the actual interview – You are more articulate, your body language is more confident, and you are able to create a positive impression on the interviewer(s).

If you want to take charge and land the job of your dreams, read on!

‘101 Fail-safe Interview Cracking Questions’ E-book’!

The reality is that Interviews follow a set pattern. The questions that interviewers pose to the candidates are centred around a few key areas – academic & professional qualifications and experience, personal traits and goals, skills and domain knowledge & so on.

Having been Instrumental in recruiting and building careers for over 120,000 individuals over the years, Vikas Dua has been a part of countless interviews. On the interview panel, he has sat beside co-interviewers across levels and from varied backgrounds.

From his practical experience on the ground over two decades, he has thoughtfully put together this book for your benefit.

This book is a compilation of 101 Interview questions, some of which are most likely to feature in your next interview!

So, don’t hesitate! Don’t hold yourself back!

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