Is There A Sector That Is Corona Free?

Munish Dua


Is There A Sector That Is Corona Free?

You read that right, and the answer is YES. In fact you might ask

Is there a sector - Recession Free?

So again the answer would be YES.

It existed and survived even during World Wars. In fact, ith has always flourished during unexpected, unprecedented circumstances. We all have and will witness revolutions across the sectors and industries. Due to which, every now and then some change would be knocking round the corner. But there is one industry-  the Pharmaceuticals industry which has seen growth in ever challenging difficult times.

Everyday new technologies with the likes of AI (Artificial Intelligence) ML (Machine learning) & robotics etc., being pushed into our lives through smart devices, we all are living with the fear of getting outdated and outplayed. It is really important for young professionals or the youth who would be pursuing their educational courses to be fully aware of this sector and the job opportunities it presents.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry clocked a turnover of US $ 20.03 billion in 2019 with a growth of 9.8% YoY and is expected to reach US $ 100 Billion including exports by year 2025 (Source: This may look some exaggerated projected financials but the fact remains that the industry is set to grow double digit for decades to come. And the simple example to that is clearly visible from the dominance of India in Covid-19 vaccines and also the way India has evolved as a powerful nation in generics formulations.

Now, especially for the young job seekers there are various ways wherein one can enter this sector. There are all kinds of job profiles available within the sector and a simple seach on Google can shre great guidance. One great advantage with the pharmaceutical industry is that young people from all walks of life can work there. Except a few technical domains, one can relatively easily join this recession-free sector. The best part is the people who are today heading big pharmaceutical companies or even some of them owning medical businesses, they all somewhere had started from ground level and that too without high class professional degrees. Most of these individuals started as a commonly known designation M.R. (Medical representative). Today there are various other front line designations to start your profession across the pharmaceuticals sector. The minimum qualification to start your career would be any basic graduation degree but the most important would be the day to day human skills. Post-graduation, one can invest in pursuing any online courses for improving social-skills and which are very widely available across the platforms.

For young people who wish to kick start their journey into this evergreen sector, one has to do some homework on what kind of jobs they are looking to start with. Functionality wise all kinds of jobs ranging from manufacturing, pharmacists, procurement, supply chain, marketing, human resource,

Corporate communication, content developer and most importantly sales are the key areas where in one can create a career. Pharmaceutical Companies, in general invest in training their manpower since it is hard to get trained practioners directly from educational institutes. So, if one is high on soft skills, it can be a great advantage. In this sector, one can start from scratch and can certainly look to fulfil their dreams in 10-15 years. There is always a scarcity of good sales and marketing professionals in pharmaceuticals and you would always find some vacancies across companies in this space.

In case you are a year away from completing your college or already have done so and wish to make a head start in a corona free sector, you can surely bet on pharmaceutical industry.

Why wait? Start exploring !!

Here's wishing you a healthy life ahead!